10 Things You Should Ask Your OB/GYN

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10 Things You Should Ask Your OB/GYN

10 Things You Should Ask Your OB/GYN
by Mallory Unland

1)     Am I eligible for a Gardasil vaccination?

2)     What is the purpose of a pap smear?

3)     Why should pregnant patients get a flu shot?

4)     Why is it important to have my blood pressure checked three months after starting oral contraceptives?

5)     Is there a screening or test I can have for ovarian cancer? Uterine cancer?

6)     At what age do I need to start having mammograms?

7)     What should I do if I miss a birth control pill?

8)     How soon after a missed period should I take a pregnancy test?

9)     What over-the-counter medications can I take while pregnant?

10)  At what point should I start feeling my baby move? How often should he/she move?

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