10 Things You Should Know About Cirrhosis

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10 Things You Should Know About Cirrhosis

10 things you want to know about Cirrhosis
by Anela Fakic

1.       Cirrhosis is when the liver is damaged by chronic injury. It is when scar tissue substitutes for a healthy liver tissue. When this happens, some blood flow can go through the liver but it starts to be blocked. If the liver starts to die, because it is a major organ that can fix damaged cells of the body on its own,the body starts to die too.

 2.       Some functions of the liver are to control infections, produce protein and regulate blood flow, and process nutrients, hormones and drugs.  When the scar tissue takes over, it enables the liver to do its functions.

 3.       The liver is usually diagnosed by a liver biopsy. Doctors put to sleep the right lower chest and then take a needle and put it into the liver where then a small piece is taken for examination under a microscope.

 4.       Studies show that men are more prone to liver damage than women, although it varies with the different types of Cirrhosis. For example, autoimmune hepatitis is when the immune system starts attacking its own kind, the liver. It attacks the cells which results in inflammation, damage and later Cirrhosis. Studies show that women are more than likely to get this type of liver damage.

 5.       A common type of cirrhosis is alcohol induced. Even though people who drink don’t necessarily get it; the people who drink heavily, everyday are more than likely to get it. Over the years the liver starts to get weaker and weaker and eventually dies out from all the alcohol being filtered out.

 6.       In the early stage of cirrhosis, there are almost no symptoms but many symptoms do start to for with this disease like, weakness, fatigue, nausea, weight loss, itching, and spiderlike blood vessels on the skin.

 7.       Sometimes the symptoms do not lead a person to think they have cirrhosis but after they start having complications that would be their first sign. Some complications include edema which is swelling in the legs because fluid is collected there. Gall stones might form id if you have the type of cirrhosis that prevents bile to flow back and forth from the gall bladder.

 8.       Treatment for cirrhosis is all based on which one you have. Two major treatments that are almost always given by doctors are to stay away from alcohol and eat healthier. Changing your diet can change a lot, making a healthy nutritious everyday meal plan.

 9.       Hepatitis B and C are also causes of cirrhosis and there are vaccines to prevent getting these diseases which will prevent damage of the liver.

 10.   When complications start to arise and it cannot be handled by treatment in the hospital, a liver transplant is needed. It’s an operation where the old organ is removed and a new one from an organ donor is replaced. There is a waiting list for a liver transplant but the hospital will usually put the people they believe will live longer a better chance.

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