10 Things You Should Know About Depression

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10 Things You Should Know About Depression

10 Things You Should Know About Depression
by Loreta Liliana Popa 

  1. It is a serious medical and mental health disorder associated with the imbalance of chemicals in brain, the most important being serotonin.
  2. The most important symptoms are the lack of self esteem, feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, loss of vitality, sadness, loneliness and suicidal thoughts.
  3. Each of us might have a “feeling blue” episode in life. Feeling depressed is not always equally to being depressed. If the symptoms last more than two weeks, try to find help by seeing a specialist. 
  4. Depression might be caused by many factors like family history of depression, stress, childhood trauma and abuse, alcohol or drug abuse, loss of a dear person. 
  5. Is very essential to be known is that life shouldn’t be lived this way. It can’t be happiness in each second of the day, but when there is, it worth it. Don’t let depression to monopolize yourself. 
  6. Depression can be cured even in the most advanced stages. Treatments are various and very effective. The great think about depression is that is very treatable. 
  7. Psychotherapy alone or combined with antidepressants gives exceptionally good results. Electroconvulsive therapy is one of the most effective types of treatment, used in pregnant women with depression symptoms. Cause no pain and no side effects. Exercising is very effective, too. 
  8. You don’t have to suffer and go through it alone. The problem with depression is that is self-perpetuating. Ask for help and talk about it because you are not alone. Six out of ten Americans have at least once in life an episode of depression. Don’t hide it, depression is not insanity. 
  9. Don’t use drugs because this will aggravate the illness. It makes you feel strong for the moment, but clinically your illness evolutes. It is just a trick used by you against yourself. 
  10. Stay closed with real friends, think positive and laugh. Life is beautiful. 

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