10 Things You Should Know About Gonorrhea

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10 Things You Should Know About Gonorrhea

10 Things You Should Know About Gonorrhea
by Chad Clifton

1.Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection and is treatable with antibiotics. Gonorrhea is easy to treat and cure. If the disease goes untreated, it can lead to many other serious health problems. 

2. The CDC estimates that there is a minimum of 700,000 new cases of gonorrhea each year. Remember, these are just people that report their cases. Gonorrhea is most common amongst teens and young adults. 

3.Ejaculation does not have to occur in order for gonorrhea to be contracted. Gonorrhea is spread by contact of vagina, penis, anus or mouth. 

4. If a pregnant woman has gonorrhea, the infection can easily spread to the new born. 

5. In women, it is common for gonorrhea to show no symptoms. So get tested!! 

6. Condoms can reduce your risk of contraction if used in the right way. 

7. If you are a man symptoms will include; Swollen and painful testicles, discharge from your penis, and a burning feeling while urinating. 

8. If you are a woman symptoms will include; bleeding in between menstrual cycles, as well as discharge and burning feeling while urinating. 

9. If you have already been treated for gonorrhea, you can contract it again if exposed. 

10. Gonorrhea is also known as “the clap”, “drip” and is a bacterial infection. The gonorrhea germs like to hangout in “mucousy” areas. See a doctor if you or any of your sex partners are experiencing any of these symptoms.

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