Exercise and Eat Before Sleep?

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Exercise and Eat Before Sleep?

Exercise and Eat Before Sleep?
by Angie, R.N.

Do you struggle with getting to sleep? I worked the midnight shift in a hospital for many years, and learning how to get to sleep when most people were drinking their morning coffee was a major problem!  Of course, figuring out how to fall asleep affects more than just midnight shift workers – as you may well know.

And before you ask, the answer is NO! Sleeping Pills should not be an option. You’re better off taking a SPOONFULL OF SUGAR rather than a PILL to help you sleep. Have you read the side effects of those things? Very scary!! We can do better than taking a pill to fix most problems.

Let me give you what I have found to work.
Yes, it bucks traditional advice – but, hey that’s what Angie, R.N. is all about. 🙂

5 Steps to Sleep:

Step 1. Do some Light Exercise. Yes, exercise before bed. I found some light yoga or stretching works best to relieve excess tension from the day.

Step 2. Take a nice warm shower or bath.

Step 3. Have a light snack. Yes, eat before bed. It will help keep your blood sugar up, make your tummy happy, and promote a longer more restful sleep. Do not have any drinks with caffeine. I like a decaffeinated tea with a few whole wheat crackers.

Step 4. Snuggle up with a significant other, pet, or favorite pillow (it makes you feel loved and secure). Also, the use of a night light can help with increasing the sense of security. Some people like TV or radio playing to help drown out other noises of the night, especially noisy neighbors.

Step 5. Close your eyes and think of whatever you would think of as soothing. Envision yourself being there. Use color. Put yourself there. Stay there and be happy. I often think of myself swinging in a hammock tied between palm trees just off the beach as I can hear the sounds of the ocean.

Sleep will slide in when you least expect it. Sleep will come, yes sleep will come………. sweet dreams.

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