Philosophy Needed for Weight Loss

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Philosophy Needed for Weight Loss

Philosophy Needed for Weight Loss
by Professor Jay

Let’s start by defining philosophy and looking at an analogy that might make its meaning clearer.  Philosophy is the system of beliefs by which you live your life.  It is the set of rules by which you act and judge each daily occurrence.  It is the sail that you set as you move through life.
I have recently been introduced to sailing.  I must admit I never thought sailing was so intricate.   I figured you just put the sail up, the wind blew, and you moved around the lake steering the boat in the direction that you wanted.  Well, was I in for a shock!  I didn’t realize that if your sails are not set precisely in regard to the wind direction, you will not be moving in the direction you want to go.  You will either be moving whichever way the wind blows or, if you are headed straight into the wind, you will not move at all.  The wind also isn’t a constant.  It speeds up, it slows down, and it continuously changes direction.  There are puffs and gusts and swirls. 

The wind is like life’s daily happenings, and if you don’t have your sails set properly, you will not be headed toward your destination.  You will simply be taken in whatever direction the winds of life are blowing.  Good sailors can go in the direction they choose because they know exactly how to set their sails, regardless of how the wind blows.  You need to learn how to set the sails that will lead you to permanent weight loss, and then you must set them.

Remember, permanent weight loss can only be achieved through careful application of a definite control system.  Careful application, in and of itself, requires that a specific philosophy be met.  That is, your sails must be set in an exact manner if you are ever going to reach your destination.

Throughout your entire life, you have been establishing the philosophy by which you live.  It started early in childhood with your parents establishing certain rules or guidelines for you to follow.  If you followed the rules, you were either rewarded (positive reinforcement for a behavior) or at least not punished (avoid a negative reinforcement for a behavior).  This is Basic Psychology 101.  In this manner, your parents essentially instilled the set of rules (philosophy of life) that they abide by, or at least what they think you should abide by.  As you grow up and go through life, you use these very powerful rules to judge and act on every daily event.  These are the habits by which you live your life.  On a side note – yes, parenting is very important. It does not end there, however.  These rules are modified as you go along, albeit with much resistance.   

By the time you are reading this, the rules that you are using to set your sails are probably a confused concoction from parents, friends, bosses, siblings, aunts and uncles, co-workers, and significant other.  And unfortunately, many of the rules that have been instilled in you perhaps were not under the best of circumstances.

The fact is that most of the rules by which you set your daily sails are rules that other people want you to live by.  You need to establish rules that are going to set your sails that will guide you to the destination that you want to reach. 

If you want to look like the person and be the person that you want to be, then you must change the set of rules that you are living by.

In addition, your set of rules also determines the expectations that you have for yourself.  With the right set of rules, you will create higher expectations and regularly meet them. Your set of rules creates your frame of mind, by which you act and judge everything. Everything that occurs throughout your life, throughout each and every daily event, is evaluated by you based on your frame of mind.  The actions that you take are guided by your frame of mind.  And your actions determine the circumstances of your life.

It is true that your actions determine your life and your surroundings.  Accept this fact and use it to bring more positive things into your life.

Here is a simple example of how living by a different set of rules leads to different actions and different circumstances.
I have two friends, Dan and Lisa.  Both are caring, intelligent, and successful people. They are hard workers and definite assets to society.  They do, however, have a very different set of rules when it comes to their bodies.  Dan is lean.  Lisa is overweight.  When I look at the sets of rules which direct their actions, it is very apparent why this is so.

Dan chooses to jog at least three times each week, along with push-ups and sit-ups every morning.  Lisa does not.  I hear Dan complain when he goes several days without jogging.  Dan’s complaining comes from the pain and disappointed he feels when he breaks his set of rules. Lisa does not have these rules and therefore feels no pain by not exercising, because she is breaking none of his rules.  For lunch, Dan eats a turkey sandwich and yogurt.  Lisa often chooses to eat a greasy cheeseburger, fries, and soft drink.  I do not hear Lisa complaining about eating such unhealthy food, because she is not breaking any of his rules when she eats this way.

Lisa is a dear friend of mine, and I am happy to write that she is beginning to see the truth.  She is changing her set of rules that governs eating and exercising, and she is seeing positive results!

The Two Rules of Rules state:
1.  When you BREAK YOUR RULES, you will feel the PAIN that deters you from breaking your rules in the future.
2. When you FOLLOW YOUR RULES, you will feel the PLEASURE that reinforces following your rules in the future.

You follow the rules that you have agreed to live by regardless if they were set consciously by you.  So the first thing, if you are going to change your life, is to look at your rules that you live by.  You can’t begin to make positive changes until you are fully aware of the negatives that need to be replaced.

Most people have never looked at the rules by which they judge everything.  What you find can be very surprising, scary, and perhaps disappointing, but undoubtedly it will be positively therapeutic.
After you uncover the current set of rules by which you live your life, you must then demand of yourself to change the rules that are bringing you undesirable circumstances. 

You need to put your new rules into your subconscious so they become your dominating thoughts.  Your dominating thoughts are those that you judge things by and ultimately take action on.  This is what will change your life.

It’s time to take control.  It time to start living your life by the set of rules that will lead you to the destination that you want to reach of achieving permanent weight loss.

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