How to Build a Positive Attitude

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How to Build a Positive Attitude

How to Build a Positive Attitude
by Professor Jay Snaric

Let’s begin by defining attitude.  Attitude is the tendency to think positively or negatively toward people, situations, or objects in one’s environment.  Therefore, if you have a tendency to think positively toward people, situations, or objects in your environment, then you will have a positive attitude.  If you tend to think negatively toward people, situations, or objects in your environment, you will have a negative attitude.

1. Go into each and every day with a positive attitude. 

Create this new habit immediately!  Do not go into the day with a neutral attitude, thereby letting the first experience of the day, be it good or bad, determine your attitude for the rest of the day.  Be positive toward everyone you meet.  Greet everyone with a big smile.  More often than not, you’ll see that most people will respond back to you with the same attitude and smile.  If they don’t, then that is their problem.  Do not let it bother you.  Let them be miserable.  You know better.
For example, let’s say first thing in the morning you are standing in a long line at the bank.  When it is finally your turn, you approach the teller, and instead of her greeting you with a warm smile, she gives you an irritated look.  In fact, the whole time she is very short and seemingly annoyed with you.  If you make the habit of going into each day with a neutral attitude, an experience like this would set a negative sail for the rest of your day.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Instead, be as kind as you can until your transaction is complete, and be sure to greet the next person you meet that day with a positive attitude and a big smile.

If you go into everyday with a positive attitude and demand of yourself that you will not let others change your positive attitude, you will have great days more often than not. Now I understand that everyone has a bad day sometimes, but if you start the day with a positive attitude and work to keep that positive attitude, your bad days will be very few compared to your terrific days. 

There are people who let the weather set their attitudes for the day. On sunny, pretty days they are all smiles to start their day, but on cold, dreary rainy days they immediately set their minds to the negative.  They will often greet you with a negative statement like, “Oh it’s such a miserable day, I wish I didn’t even get out of bed.”  As a matter of fact, these people will often watch the weather, and if a certain type of weather that they perceive to be bad is headed their way by the end of the week, they will talk about the impending miserable situation all week starting Monday morning.  The fact is that very few jobs really depend on the day’s weather, such as construction work, and it amazes me how obsessed people get with having to know something that, first, they cannot control, and second, that really has very little effect on their day.   

Another thing many negative people use to set their attitudes is the news.  They watch the morning news, which by the nature of news is usually negative, and set their attitude for the day immediately negative. It would be hard for anyone to start their day off positively after watching a half hour of negative story after negative story.  I’m not suggesting that you isolate yourself from the world, but you must find a better way than starting your day with negativity.

2. Be grateful.

A great way to start each morning that will generate positivism is to be grateful for what you have.  There is always someone way worse off than you.  I promise that millions of people around the world would trade their life for yours in a second. 

Be grateful for what you have.  Be thankful you can even be reading this book.  Be thankful that you have the ability to implement the nine laws in this book toward self improvement.  There are millions of people in this world where this is not even a choice.  As you read these words, at this very second, there are adults and children dying due to starvation, lack of clean drinking water, and genocide. 

Don’t feel guilty for what you have, but be thankful every single morning.     

3. Surround yourself with positive people.

Stay away from negative people.  Surround yourself with people who support you and are positive.  Surround yourself with uplifting people.  The more positive people, situations, and objects you surround yourself with, the more positive your life will be.

It is imperative that you avoid toxic people as much as you can.  There are some tough choices you are going to have to make along your journey to achieving permanent weight loss.  Make those tough choices and keep going!  No, run!!

4. Put your past in the past.

You must put your past behind you and move on.  You must live for now and for your future.  You cannot let your past, the way you have lived in the past, the decisions you have made in the past, and things that have happened to you in your past, affect your future.  If you change your thoughts right now, if you change the way you think about daily events in your life, you will take different actions.  Those different actions will change your environment.  They will change your life.

5. Change your thinking.

Changing your thinking will change your actions, will change your life.  We all know that every action we take has consequences.  If we think about positive consequences, we will take the positive actions that bring us to the positive consequences.

You control your future.  Everyone controls their futures.  You decide on the rules that you judge everything by.  Right now you can change the way you think about things, which will cause you to act differently, which will change the outcomes.  You ultimately decide your outcomes.  You decide your life.

Now I do understand that some individuals have experienced such extreme situations in their past that it may not be possible, by themselves, to move forward without first overcoming these past horrors.  And in these cases, I strongly recommend that professional help be sought.  There are highly trained professionals who specialize in helping people, who have experienced past traumatic events, to overcome their past and move forward.  The common, uninformed thought used to be that only absolutely insane and crazy people visited with psychiatrists and psychologists.  We now know that working through thoughts and feelings with a trained professional is healthy, and is often necessary for one to move forward with goals and future destinations.

AND Smile As Much As You Can All Day! 🙂


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  1. Anonymous, 6 years ago Reply

    Hello Professor Jay, How would you describe then the people who have slightly positive and slightly negative attitude??tanx

    • jsnaric, 6 years ago Reply

      I would say that they are half way there – which is terrific. With hard work and a concious effort they can be fully positive. Although we all get down at times, it is important to continuously fight to look for the positives. 🙂

  2. Sarah, 5 years ago Reply

    Professor, i would like to know how to react towards a situation where it leads towards parents not allowing teen’s to be independent in all ways. Like for some parents don’t allow their children 2 hang out with friends.. How can we try to convince our parents to get our Independence. Because i’m a teenager of 17 years & my parents basically don’t allow me to hang out with friends. How should i convince them?

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