Sitting in the Sun? Good or Bad?

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Sitting in the Sun? Good or Bad?

Sitting in the Sun? Good or Bad?
by Angie, R.N.

I remember sitting next to my grandmother. She was always warm, comforting, and squishy (you know what I mean). She was always ready and available for a chat or story.
One snowy Christmas day, when all the presents were opened and the adults were happily getting sloshed on rum punch, my grandma and I took out the old dusty picture albums. I had a happy time looking at some pictures of her parents with the white gloves, paper umbrellas, and wide brimmed hats. They were covered from head to toe in layers of fabric even though it was the middle of summer. Do you suppose they knew something we tend to ignore? Is the sun getting hotter or are we just very careless with exposing our skin to the burning rays of the sun? Are we being brainwashed by big companies to buy their expensive skin products?
It has occurred to me that if we are a little more careful of our smooth tender skin, like our ancestors, maybe skin cancer wouldn’t be such a problem. 
I can hear my Grandma saying, “child stay out of the sun and sit in the shade”.  And that is what I did and still do to this day. Believe it or not you can still get a nice tan, but it just takes a little longer. But that extra time can be the difference between healthy skin or skin damage. I also believe it is much safer without all that chemical laden greasy-goop sunscreen on your skin. There are some scary studies beginning to surface about these sunscreens.
Want to play outside? Go out before 10 a.m. and after 4 pm. I like the beach in the late afternoon. It’s cooler, less people, less traffic, and so peaceful. 
So wear wide brim hats, bring back paper umbrellas, wear tip to toe beautiful flowing clothes, and do not spend hours in the direct sunlight. Live in grace and beauty like they did generations ago, and you’ll be a lot safer.

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