Cure for an Ear Ache

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Cure for an Ear Ache

Cure for an Ear Ache
by Angie, R.N.

I read recently that doctors are not going to give little children antibiotics for ear aches anymore. Well, I am glad they are finally cutting down on the use of these really dangerous drugs. The long term use of these drugs is becoming more obvious as the years pass by, and the side effects are scary.

I really think medications are pushed on patients by too many health care professionals who either just don’t give a damn (except for the kickbacks, in cash), are too lazy (it’s easier to shove a pill in someones face), or just don’t know what they’re doing (it’s a very sad fact).

The one thing I don’t see in print is how to get the pain from an ear ache under control. I think most people have – at one time or another – experienced the pain of an ear ache. My grandma, all wise and knowing, would take a small piece of cotton and dip it a bit of oil, any kind of cooking oil, and stick it in my ear. It apparently equalizes the pressure in the ear which results in relief of pain. Good for the child and better for the traumatized parent. My grandma then wrapped a scarf around my throat to keep everything warm and cozy – and damn if it didn’t work every time.

Don’t forget!  This is a good time for a story, no matter how young the child is. The human voice is soothing and calming. Rest with love and peace.

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