123 Pound Weight Loss Success Story WOW!

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123 Pound Weight Loss Success Story WOW!

Hi, my name is Amy Heaper, and since June 2009 I have lost a total of 123 pounds thanks to Professor Jay and his amazing My Family Plate’s Weight Loss Plan for Parents (formerly 9th Law Diet). I, like many of you, have struggled with my weight all my life.  From the time I was little I was always overweight.  Of course being overweight as a child brings on a lot of teasing and being made fun of which is never easy to take. 

I, like thousands of others, have tried many different “fad” diets to lose weight.  Each time, losing weight, but gaining it back as soon as I went back to eating normally.  Well, what I considered normal.  I had even resigned myself to believe I would be fat for the rest of my life, so I might as well just accept it.  I was on blood pressure medication and was also taking medication for exhibiting pre-diabetic conditions.  Thanks to Professor Jay and his amazing support, I am now medication free and feeling better and healthier than I have ever been in my life. 

In June 2009 I had reached my heaviest weight in my life.  I am a teacher, and during the beginning of our summer break that year I began to notice a very unpleasant trend beginning in my life.  I would hardly get out of bed before 9 a.m., might be dressed by noon, and was back in bed for a nap by 1 p.m.  I realized I was literally killing myself.  So, I got on-line and started searching for information on another “fad” diet that I had heard advertised on television.  While reading the information about the cost and seeing all the restrictions it had, I came across a link for the My Family Plate Weight Loss Plan.  I will admit the word that caught my attention was FREE.  So, I read the information and became intrigued.  There was no counting of calories, carbohydrates, or fats.  There were no weird food requirements or terrible restrictions.  I figured I had nothing to lose because it was free, and I would eat the food I bought whether the diet worked or not.  So, I entered my e-mail and Professor Jay sent me the information.  I downloaded the information, printed it, and began reading.  The information made sense and seemed very adaptable to what would work for me.  I have lovingly dubbed this “dieting yoga”.  Do what works for you. 

I began Professor Jay’s Weight Loss Plan (now featured on My Family Plate) on Father’s Day 2009.  I followed the eating plan as described and journaled everything I ate.  The first week I lost 7 pounds.  I was so excited when I stepped on the scale.  I hadn’t been doing any exercise, just eating what seemed like all the time, and I lost weight.  From then on I was sure to follow the eating plan and after a couple of weeks I added in exercise because my energy level skyrocketed.  I wasn’t able to do much at first, but have since increased the amount and type of exercise I do each day.  I have increased to over an hour each day of exercise.  I do a variety of work outs such as cardio, Yoga, Pilates, and resistance training so my body doesn’t become accustom to one type of exercise and stop burning calories. 

Now I won’t say that everyday has been easy.  There are days that were more difficult; especially the holidays.  I was happy to just maintain through the holidays if possible.  But, I know all I have to do is get back on track the next day, and with splurge days built right into the plan it helps to ease my frustration if the day was more difficult.  The plateaus have also been a struggle, but I put my mind to it and tired not to get discouraged.  My weight loss has also slowed down considerably since hitting the 100 pounds mark, but I’m trying not to let that get to me.  It is amazing, just when I am becoming discouraged someone will come along and tell me how great I’m looking or how proud they are of me.  Even people I haven’t seen in years.  Hearing that others notice your success is always a boost to the ego. 

The best compliment I have received though is from my brother.  My brother moved to Alaska before I discovered Professor Jay’s amazing diet.  I told him about starting the diet and kept him informed about my progress.  He always told me how proud he was of me.  I asked him once if he wanted me to send him a picture.  He told me, “I don’t want to see you, until I can see you in person” because he knew he was coming home for Christmas that year.  The look on his face when he came off that plane and saw me is still the greatest compliment of all.  He has since started calling me his “half-a-sister” because I am half the person I used to be.  My family and friends are so proud of me.  It is their love and encouragement that helps keep me going. 

Professor Jay and his amazing Weight Loss Plan and how wonderful he is about answering questions and communicating with you is one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.  When people ask me how I have lost all my weight, I proudly send them directly to where they can find out about the Weight Loss Plan. Several people have come back and told me they have started the diet.  It makes me proud to know that I have inspired people to become healthier. 

I have successfully lost a considerable amount of weight and still have more to lose, but I now have the know-how to reach my final goal.  I know there will be many struggles along the way, but I also know that if I stick to the plan and believe in myself there is nothing I can’t accomplish. 

Thank you Professor Jay for making this fantastic diet available.  You have literally saved my life and I will forever be grateful.  I am your biggest fan, and I am smiling bigger and brighter each day because of you.

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  1. Anonymous, 6 years ago Reply

    Great inspirational story. One of the students at Meramec CC turned me on to this site. I am trying to stay off taking statins by weight loss and need all the inspiration I can get!

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