Richard Simmons on The Ellen DeGeneres Show- Planning is Key

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Richard Simmons on The Ellen DeGeneres Show- Planning is Key

Richard Simmons on The Ellen DeGeneres Show- Planning is Key
by Nurse Kimberly

This past week I saw a short segment from the Ellen DeGeneres show. You’ll never guess who was one of the featured guests, Richard Simmons! When I was about seven or eight I can remember trying to do some of his famous “Sweat Into The Oldies” workout videos holding canned vegetables in my hands for weights. So needless to say when I heard Richard Simmons being introduced on the Ellen Show, I was immediately curious.

As I was listening to the segment, I found some of the things that Richard Simmons shared with the audience to be very true for my ability keep off the weight I have lost.

He told the audience that 85 percent of people who lose weight gain it back, and sometimes even more.

Everyone is searching, just like I was, for that perfect quick fix. There are an uncountable number of quick fix fad diets out there. In fact, every time I turn on the television or the radio in my car I am guaranteed to hear about the latest fat blaster. But all of these diets have two things in common. First, if you follow them you will lose weight. And the second similarity is that as soon as you stop following their plan or taking their pill you will gain all of the weight back. Wouldn’t it be easier to put the necessary effort into changing your habits and life? It took me over twenty years, tons of money, countless failed diets, and the numbers on the scale going up and down like a yo-yo to figure this out.

So what did Richard share with the audience that is key?  He commented that one of the main reasons that 85 percent of the dieters or people trying to reach a healthy weight gain back their weight is because they don’t plan, that simple. This is what I feel was a key factor in reaching my healthy weight and maintaining it. This requires dedication and effort and means you should always be prepared. The employee from the Ellen Show Richard helped lose weight agreed that planning is key. There are 2 simple ways to do this.

Number one get your kitchen and pantry in check. If it’s not healthy for your body, pitch it. If you have emergency chocolate hiding somewhere, pitch it. If it is processed, filled with high fructose corn syrup, or primarily made of ingredients you have never heard of before, pitch it. When things aren’t in front of you or within your reach it is much easier to work through temptation especially in the beginning. Once your body becomes accustomed to eating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins it won’t desire the same foods it did before. I’m not saying you will never have an occasional treat or splurge day. What I am saying is if you are trying to change the way you eat and the way you think about food having temptation around is the worst thing for you.

The second way you can always be prepared I have already mentioned several times before, meal planning and grocery lists. Waiting to the last minute to decide what’s for dinner or lunch when you are at work puts you under pressure. Sometimes when we are under pressure at meal time we opt to grab some fast food at a drive thru or order pizza for delivery. If you plan out breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at the beginning of the week and then put those items on a list and go shopping your set.

There is no need to buy special food for meals and there is no special secret. Getting healthy is a matter of making some permanent changes and creating new habits. If you really want to start making change throw out the junk, make a meal plan, and start fueling your body with healthy choices. If you need a jumpstart My Family Plate has a Healthy Family Guide that offers some meal plans and grocery lists to help out. Also, on our Facebook page you can get some simple and quick recipes. It’s never too late to start and everything is possible if you believe.

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