I’m Having A Snack Attack?

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I’m Having A Snack Attack?

Having a Snack Attack? Put down the potato chips!
by Nurse Kimberly


Everyone out there has experienced a snack attack at some point or another. It’s that time in between meals when your body tells you it needs something. Maybe you have just finished a workout, cleaned the house, or maybe the kids are hungry after playing in the backyard. No matter what the reason is you should always have healthy prepared snacks available when these times come up.

Yes, potato chips are yummy but they are loaded with sodium, cholesterol, and bad fats. Have you ever noticed the grease on your fingers after you have eaten a hand full? Over time this deductible crunchy and greasy snack can turn into a recipe for high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Children need snacks throughout the day because they are growing and hopefully playing hard. And sometimes adults need snacks too. But sugary fruit snacks, cookies,  twinkies, and other chips are not what your body or your child’s body needs.


The following snack is packed with nutrients, fiber, and ingredients that make up a perfect in between meal time snack. You can make this snack in large quantities and then portion it into baggies. It doesn’t require refrigeration so it’s perfect to bring along to the park, work, or pack in a back pack for school.



Home Made Trail Mix


Ingredients :

A-Protein Add 1 cup of Almonds


This one ingredient is a powerhouse of nutrition! Not only are almonds packed with protein but they also have fiber, calcium, folic acid, Vitamin E, Zinc, Magnesium, and phosphorus which helps with strong bones and teeth. The good thing is they taste good and provide that full satisfied feeling with just a small amount. Also, they can be purchased in bulk which is great for this recipe and your wallet!

Almonds come in many different flavors so with each trail mix you can change the flavor. However, I think the all natural almonds have a great taste without adding anything.


D-Fruit Add 1 cup of raisins


Also known as nature’s candy, raisins not only give the sweet taste that kids love they are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals we need. They serve as a quick energy source and have no preparation time when your in a hurry!


D-Fruit Add 1 cup of banana chips  or another dried fruit of your choice     


No matter which dried fruit you choose other than raisins it will also provide plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Another benefit to dried fruits is that they are naturally low in fat and sodium but yet still have a sweet taste.


C-Whole Grain Add 3 cups of a Whole Grain Cereal of your choice                   


Make sure you see “Whole grain” as one of the first ingredients under “ingredients” on the package. Whole grains contain fiber which helps keep the digestive system healthy and makes us feel “fuller” longer. This often prevents overeating. There are many great choices out there to choose from. Always read the label and ingredients. Three grams of fiber or more per serving is a safe assumption that you have chosen a good whole grain cereal.



Once you have measured out the recommended amount of each of the  ingredients pour them into a large mixing bowl and shake it all up. It’s quick, healthy, and has the sweet taste and flavor that makes a perfect snack! Don’t be scared to change it up.


With this recipe you can combine any nut, seed, dried fruit, and whole grain cereal to make a nutritious snack for the whole family. Remember everything in moderation! One half cup of home made trail mix is one serving size. Pre-packaging and measuring snacks will prevent over eating and belly aches!


If you and your family have any fun snack ideas make sure you share them below. My Family Plate and other families are always looking for fresh and fun ideas for healthy snacks!


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