Nurse Kimberly Says Take 5

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Nurse Kimberly Says Take 5


My Family Plate’s Take 5
by Nurse Kimberly


It’s official. Last year Congress chose September  to be recognized as National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. With 23 million children and teens ages two to nineteen overweight we are experiencing a health crisis of epidemic proportion. Kids who are overweight and obese are at risk for developing heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and even having a stroke. Previously some of these medical conditions were only seen in adults.


As the number of overweight children in this country continues to grow so is the number of children who are developing these preventable diseases.

How can you help insure your family is on track? It’s not only a new month but a NEW YEAR. Start fresh and make small changes that will help make your family more healthy. It is no longer enough to set goals for yourself. And we shouldn’t wait for September 2011 to bring awareness for childhood obesity. First Lady Michelle Obama has dedicated an entire task force and started the Let’s Move Campaign to help cure childhood obesity within a decade.


If you are a parent or caregiver SPREAD THE HEALTH! No one member of a household should be getting healthy alone. Make it a team effort.


There are 5 things you can do immediately that require little effort but can make a tremendous difference.


#1 Open Up Communication:

Talk with your kids about why eating healthy and being active is important and what the consequences of eating unhealthy can be.


#2 Make a “Turn it off” week once a month:

Make a box filled with activity ideas from the entire family. Spend 1 hour every day participating in an activity instead of television


#4  Get in the Kitchen:

Challenge your family to prepare a new meal once a week. This will expose your kids to new foods and provide quality time in the kitchen. It can also teach them the basic fundamentals of cooking. Kids love doing new things…it will be fun!


#5  Get Moving:

Make this a priority! Dance to fun music with your kids, try a new yoga dvd, or play hide and go seek. Watch and learn what 60 minutes of play will do for you and your kids.


Talk, Share, and Spread the Word:

Share with your friends the changes you are doing with your family. This will help motivate other people to make healthier decisions and generate excitement.


Take the My Family Plate Challenge and “Take 5 “! Start Today! Start Now!

And don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas. When you “Take 5″ tell us about your experience and the challenges you faced. Also, if you and your family come up with fun activity ideas share them with us by leaving a comment below and also on our wall at FACEBOOK. If families can connect and share what works and does not work with each other there is sure to be more health and success for everyone!

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