NEVER Skip Breakfast, Have a Parfait Instead

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NEVER Skip Breakfast, Have a Parfait Instead

Never Skip Breakfast!
Try out My Family Plate’s Parfait
by Nurse Kimberly


With budgets being tight we understand families need to save money and cut corners whenever possible. We don’t think that families should have to sacrifice their health for their budget. Research studies have shown that children do better and are more attentive in school when they have eaten breakfast. Eating breakfast is also a great way to rev up your metabolism in the morning. Skipping meals does nothing but slow down your metabolism. Moms and Dads that is not what you want! The breakfast recipe below will give your family the energetic start to the day they need. Simple, Quick, and Affordable!


In order to understand My Family Plate’s A-B-C-D Technique used to make a healthy plate you can read the short article on it at Kimberly’s Korner or find it in the FREE Family Guide at My Family


My Family Plate’s Breakfast Parfait

Throw out the Fruity Pebbles!

Buying cereals loaded with sugar like Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Puffs might make your child smile, but these same cereals are contributing to the new generation of children being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.


The following recipe has 3 simple ingredients, is loaded with nutrition everyone needs, and can be purchased in bulk quantities on a budget. It’s something that can be simple for any parent to mix together or a fun cooking lesson for their child. It teaches measuring, nutrients in food, and 3 of the food groups that should be on your plate at every meal!



Remember at breakfast you only are required to have A, C, and D. The B part of the plate is optional at breakfast.


A – your protein will be  3/4 cup of Low fat Vanilla Yogurt


Yogurt can be purchased in bulk amounts in 32oz containers which can cut down cost and it’s rich in calcium, active cultures, protein, and many of the vitamins we need in our diet.


C- your Whole Grain will be 2 tablespoons of whole grain granola


Granola might be a little more expensive than the fruity pebbles but the nutrition makes up for it, and remember you are only using 2 tablespoons so 1 box will last a long time! Make sure you buy the “whole grain” granola. The whole grain granola is packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals that our bodies require. It is also a fuel to help give us energy and get us going in the morning.


D –Pick a 1/2 cup of your favorite fresh fruit

examples: sliced strawberries, sliced bananas, blueberries


Fruits are low in sodium, low in fat, and high in fiber naturally. Farmers markets have fresh fruit at an affordable price. If you are not able to buy fresh or frozen fruit then make sure you rinse the canned fruit before mixing it with the other ingredients to remove all the excess syrups and sugars.



Once you have measured out the recommended amount of each of the 3 ingredients pour them into a breakfast bowl or a to go cup and mix it all up. It’s quick, healthy, and has the “crunch” every child loves! The best part is you can eat it on the go.


Let us know what you think! What kind of whole grain granola and fruits do you use to make a tasty parfait? Tell us below and share your ideas.

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