100% Fruit Juice is NOT Healthy!? (video)

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100% Fruit Juice is NOT Healthy!? (video)

Hey Professor Jay Here,

Watch this video as I explain once and for all why you should NOT be drinking 100% Fruit Juice, and why you certainly should NOT give it to your child.


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  1. Maggie, 6 years ago Reply

    I really enjoyed this video. Thank you. A good reminder.

  2. Liz, 6 years ago Reply

    Great video professor jay! You always explain stuff so well. Love the new site.

  3. Monica, 6 years ago Reply

    Wow. I did not know how much sugar was in juice. I never would have guessed it had as much as soda. Thanks!

  4. Barbara M., 6 years ago Reply

    I thought 100% juice meant it didn’t have so much sugar. God was I wrong. Thanks for pointing this out to all of us. No more juice for me. I just never really thought about it.

  5. Anonymous, 6 years ago Reply

    Another great video! As an alternative to fruit juice, what I like to make is a glass of club soda mixed with lemon juice and a packet of sweet-n-low. Very bubbly, refreshing and almost no calories 🙂

  6. Anonymous, 6 years ago Reply

    Another great video – as an alternative, try mixing club soda with lemon juice and sweetnlow – watch what happens! It’s delicious too!!

  7. Darya, 6 years ago Reply

    Very useful video. Thank you for sharing!!!

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