The Care and Feeding of the Feet

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The Care and Feeding of the Feet

The Care and Feeding of the Feet
by Angie, R.N.

Rub them, love them, feed them oils, creams, powders and lotions. They will carry you through all the days of your life. I urge you – do not neglect your feet. Sometimes I grimace in pain when I see the shoes some crazy designers want you to, not only buy, but wear!!  What the heck, I wonder if men really care if we wear pretty shoes with 4 inch heals or not?

I do know for a fact that guys like women with pretty feet. Unhappily, a lot of woman’s shoes can cause calluses, corns and downright ugly feet. I’ve seen some really pretty sandals, low heels, and comfortable shoes out there too, so I have eternal hope.

The lovely feet must be just that, lovely. A foot bath in warm water with some baking soda or witch hazel will keep them smelling fresh and bacteria free. Don’t forget some powder in your shoes also! I like a nice foot massage with coconut oil – I like the smell.  And make sure you protect your feet by wearing socks. 

If your feet ache, a nice warm compress will ease the pain. Heat does wonders for a lot of problems other than the feet.

So take care of those feet, they must last you a lifetime!

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