ABCD Healthy™ – How to Build a Healthy Plate! (video)

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ABCD Healthy™ – How to Build a Healthy Plate! (video)

ABCD Healthy™ – How to Build a Healthy Plate  – Simple, Everytime!
by Nurse Kimberly


My Family Plate’s ABCD Healthy™ technique to building a healthy plate.
My Family Plate™ asked several families, both kids and parents, if they knew how to build a healthy plate. The majority had no idea! One child said “cheese pizza with bread sticks”, and another child answered “a chicken nugget happy meal”.

We spoke with registered dietitians who work with families everyday. They informed us that most adults do not know what types of food to feed their children. Most children they work with eat the same foods every week. Kids need to have color on their dinner plates! They need to be exposed to a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains in order to develop their palates. This is true for adults, as well. So we decided to help families get healthy.

My Family Plate™ developed the ABCD Healthy™ technique to building a healthy plate so parents and kids would never wonder whether or not their plate is healthy and nutritious. This video explains what the My Family Plate ABCD Healthy™ technique stands for and how to apply it at every meal.

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