Home Made Chicken Nuggets- A Healthy Alternative (video)

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Home Made Chicken Nuggets- A Healthy Alternative (video)

What’s In Your Chicken Nuggets?
By Nurse Kimberly



In 2010 Jamie Oliver, a chef, came to the United States on a mission. His food philosophy is food and healthy eating is enjoying everything in a balanced, and sane way. When he came to the United States he landed in Huntington, West Virginia to help fight the obesity epidemic. His journey was primarily focused on the food that was being served in Huntington’s schools. His experience in the town was aired on national television. After watching the series there was one episode that stood out in my mind above the others. 

Jamie brought a group of elementary students into his kitchen. He took out a whole raw chicken and placed it in front of the children. He then went on to dissect the chicken. He cut off the breasts, wings, and legs. After there was nothing left but the carcass , fat, and skin he asked the children what they thought happened to these left over parts. The majority said “throw it away?”. Jamie Oliver then blended the leftovers together with added fat and chicken scraps to show the children what chicken nuggets are made of. It was disgusting! How can we feed that to so many kids in this country? I would have to answer that by partially blaming food companies and restaurant advertising. However, once we know something is unhealthy and learn the ramifications of eating unhealthy things on a “regular basis”, we have to start taking responsibility for our own choices. 

There are ways to enjoy the foods we love in a nutritious way. Because Jamie Oliver exposed us to unhealthy chicken nuggets, I thought I would share a healthy approach so your family can still enjoy one of the foods they love. 

The video on this page shows you all of the ingredients you need to whip up your own batch of home made chicken nuggets. When I made them the for the first time I was amazed at how simple they were to make and how quickly I was finished. This way of making chicken nuggets provides your family with the lean protein their bodies need. To make the meal completely nutritious, add some baked sweet potato fries, salad, and sliced apples. Don’t forget you are in charge. No one makes you pull up to the drive thru window at McDonalds. There is always a healthy alternative. 

Tell me below about some healthy alternatives you have found and ideas or suggestions for our home made chicken nuggets. We love to hear feed back.

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