How Do I start an Activity Program?

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How Do I start an Activity Program?

How Do I Start an Activity Program?
By Dr. Randy

Starting an activity program might be the most difficult part of the entire fitness process.  I struggle with getting started myself after I have taken some time off (like I just did over the holiday break). I know I am supposed to want to be active everyday but sometimes I just don’t want to and this is my profession!!!  So, I follow four guidelines:

1)  Set a basic goal 

Two points with this guideline:
a) Pick one goal, not three.  Make that goal obtainable within a given timeline.

b) Keep it simple. Take small steps.

 2) One day at a time

This is all you can do; take it one day at a time. Make one change every day to reach the goal.  It is going to be a struggle, prepare for it and overcome it.

3) Plan

Probably the most important guideline, you have to intend to be active. It does not just happen – you have to make it happen. Put activity into your schedule. I write it in my daily planner. Prepare what and when you are going to do.

4) Do it

Just like Nike’s slogan. The above three don’t mean a thing if you don’t accomplish this one. It is the most difficult but also the most rewarding.

Over the next few months I will break these guidelines down into some more detail.  But you can get started on you activity program NOW.  Check with your physician before you start an activity program if you have any risk factors or health conditions. I am working on my guidelines now and setting up my activity plan for the next two weeks, what about you??


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  1. Anonymous, 5 years ago Reply

    walk a mile each day.

  2. Anonymous, 5 years ago Reply

    loss 5 lb in 2 weeks

  3. David Dasch, 5 years ago Reply

    Walk a mile in a week.

    • David Dasch, 5 years ago Reply

      good job and goal.

  4. David Dasch, 5 years ago Reply

    i walked a mile 11-7-11

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