On The Road Again? Use these 4 Tips On Your Next Trip!

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On The Road Again? Use these 4 Tips On Your Next Trip!


On The Road Again?
By Nurse Kimberly


Learn how to feed your body and your children’s bodies nutritiously even when you are on the road.

Millions of Americans travel thousands of miles on the road every year taking family vacations, visiting relatives, or because of their career. It can become difficult to make healthy food choices when you are tempted with pictures of mouth watering French fries on fast food billboards. And don’t forget that every gas station you stop at offers endless choices of candy and chips. It’s hard to pass up these temptations when most of the time we are in a hurry. Grabbing something quick and cheap is just easier than thinking about whether or not it is good for us. This is why it is so important that parents and kids are aware of how to eat and make healthy decisions while away from their own kitchens.


Today I am going to share 4 things you can do to make sure you are eating healthy on the road. These four tips can help you stay healthy whether you are on a long road trip or just plan on being in the car all day running errands.


Tip #1 Pack a cooler

Color your cooler with fresh fruit, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, whole grain sandwiches, and fun string cheese. These items are easy to prepare, you can package them the day before, they are affordable, and they don’t make a big mess in the car. When healthy foods are available it’s easier to turn down the junk food. If you plan on being in the car for local travel and only for half of the day, use a small zipper cooler with a frozen ice block.

Tip #2 Avoid the GREASE!

 When you are “exit hunting” on the highway for a place to grab a quick bite to eat, wait for an exit that has a Subway or a fresh deli. Both of these places offer fresh food choices and allow you to make your child’s plate using the
My Family Plate’s ABCD technique. If you can’t find one of these and find yourself at a McDonalds or Burger King, try to make smart choices. Most fast food places now have items on their menu that are not loaded with trans fat and sodium. For example, McDonalds has salads, fresh fruit, and yogurt.  Also it is important to always pick grilled over fried.


Tip#3 Fuel Time Isn’t Always Snack Time But….

When you are refueling your vehicle at the gas station resist the urge to grab the potato chips.  If the kids or you are hungry, and it’s a scheduled snack time, grab a $0.99 cent bag of almonds, whole grain crackers, or a piece of fresh fruit. The My Family Plate Getting Started Guide can provide more information about scheduled snack times. Almonds are a powerhouse of nutrition and are loaded with fiber, protein, and healthy oils that are an essential part of our daily diet. Whole grain crackers provide the fiber that refined grain crackers don’t. Fresh fruit is always a great pick! Kids can’t get enough of the fresh sweet taste, and it’s also another way to give them the fiber that they need in their daily diet. Don’t forget when you stop to STRETCH! Take some deep breaths and stretch a little. It’s hard on your body to be cooped up in a car without any activity for hours.


 Tip #4 Water, Water, Water!

I can’t stress enough how important this is. Bodies NEED WATER! Soda is a diuretic and can lead to dehydration and fruit juice has as much sugar as soda and sometimes more. Also, if you opt to pack a cooler you can purchase a large package of bottled water for less than five bucks. Water is simply the smarter choice. Also, if you are applying the
5-2-1-0 rule in your household, then water is your families new best friend.


Next time you plan to be on the road for an extended period of time, try these four tips! Or if you are a master of packing coolers full of healthy snacks, share your snack ideas. Wishing you and your family safe and happy travels all year long.

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