Simple. Fitness At Home

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Simple. Fitness At Home

Simple. Fitness At Home
By Nurse Kimberly

Earlier this week I shared an outdoor boot camp style workout routine with everyone. When the weather allows, boot camps routines are my favorite way to exercise. However, the current conditions in Saint Louis have not been outdoor boot camp friendly! The snow and ice have kind of put a damper on things. I am not a big fan of wet and muddy sneakers. But the winter weather has allowed me to try out two of the Christmas gifts I received this year.

Over the past few years when I haven’t felt like going to the gym or the weather has been icky, I have worked out at home with exercise dvds. You really don’t need much room. Just clear a space in front of the television and have some water in reach. The hardest part is getting started. Even I have to kick myself in the butt from time to time. The biggest challenge of working out at home is deciding to put on your sneakers and then push play on the dvd remote control. Once the routine starts your on your way to burning calories. So much of getting healthy is re-programming our brains.

One of the first at home workout dvds I did was a Billy Blanks Tae-bo routine. During college I had enrolled in a dance aerobics class. The instructor wanted to introduce us to a different type of exercise. That was my introduction to Tae-bo. When I would finish one of Billy Blanks workouts I would be drenched! His workouts are great to do at home because he is easy to follow. He walks you through the movements step by step to make sure you are using the proper technique. This wasn’t one of my Christmas gifts but I thought I would share anyway. I am a huge fan of Tae-bo workouts.

Last week I tried out both of my new fitness dvds. After doing so many different ones over the past few years, I have become very picky. Some of them really are corny, annoying, and just don’t get the job done. However, I am very impressed with both of my new at home workouts!

The first one I tried was only a 30-minute workout routine. I was a little skeptical at first because it normally takes 5 minutes to warm up. When I was finished I felt like I had gotten a total body workout with cardio and strength training. The name of the workout is Personal Training With Jackie: Xtreme Timesaver Training. Her name is new to me, but she claims to train celebrities for the Red Carpet. All I know is that it was an efficient workout and only took a half hour out of my day.  If you try it, make sure you invest extra time into stretching afterwards.

The second at home workout I tried was The Biggest Loser: The Workout – Last Chance Workout. It was kind of cool to have Jillian yelling at me! Every season I watch the show.  It’s so inspiring. The Last Chance workout was a total body workout and I was feeling it the next day. The dvd allows you to mix and match different workouts together. For example, I did the warm-up, the last chance workout, and then the upper body-sculpt before the cool down. The menu even suggests different work out combinations for everyday of the week. The best part is there are different workout combinations for beginners, intermediate, and more advanced athletes.

Both of the dvds can be done with or without dumbbells. If you want to use dumbbells, I suggest getting two different sets. When I am working on shoulders I use the five-pound weights, but when I am doing bicep curls I use the eight-pound weights. Even if you don’t have weights both workouts are still highly effective. In both the Jackie workout and the Jillian workout they show modified movements and how to still “feel the burn” without weights.

If you don’t feel like going to the gym or if the weather outside is not so appealing still convince yourself to workout! Start a library of at home exercise routines. These are just the two most recent ones that I have tried and like. There are several other options out there. If you know of any that you highly recommend, please share. I am always looking to add more to my collection.

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