Helping Families Get Healthy: Tip #1 (video)

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Helping Families Get Healthy: Tip #1 (video)

Helping Families Get Healthy: Tip #1
By Nurse Kimberly

The statistics surrounding obesity in this country are frightening. Some people do not want to talk about it, but it needs to be addressed. First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign has a goal of solving childhood obesity in a generation.  It is an ambitious goal and one that I want to help achieve. The one year anniversary of the Let’s Move Campaign is this February. In celebration of the one year anniversary I am going to  provide some simple tips to help families get healthy.

Getting healthy takes time and commitment. It also takes patience. If it was so easy to make healthy choices we wouldn’t be in the middle of an obesity epidemic. The best way to get started is to make one change at a time. Changing everything all at once is overwhelming. It’s also the reason most people give up before they see results. How many people do you know whose New Year’s resolution was to go to the gym 5 days a week? Are they still doing it? If they are that’s wonderful! If not, maybe they should have started with a commitment of 3 days.

Lifestyle modification does not happen overnight. Everyone is looking for a quick fix way and some secret to be revealed that will help them lose weight, have lower blood pressure, and not have to worry about their blood sugar. After trying all of the fad quick fixes out there I can tell you there isn’t one. The best way to approach “getting healthy” and “staying healthy” is to take it one change and one day at a time.

Today you and your family can make change number one towards getting healthy.
My Tip #1 for you family is:

Give Up All Liquid Calories!!!!!

If you have soda, juice, Kool-aid, fruit punch, sweet tea, lemonade, cappuccino,  or any other beverage that has calories, throw it away. Most of the beverages I just mentioned are loaded with sugar and calories. Empty calories add up so fast! Drinks like this do not provide you or your kids with the nutrients your bodies need.

Making this one step is a big one and can make a huge difference. You CAN make this change. It will be tough but it’s worth it. Start drinking water which your body needs plenty of. You will start to feel great and see results! If your family would like additional help and resources for living a healthier lifestyle download the FREE Getting Started Guide! Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

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