Spice Up Your Life (now at a reasonable price)

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Spice Up Your Life (now at a reasonable price)

Spice Up Your Life (now at a reasonable price)
by Angie R.N.

SPICE……….the new gold dust!
To enjoy a food to it’s fullest, a little spice will perk it up and bring a satisfying sense of happiness to the taste buds. How could anyone not like a little flavor in their life? Well, me for one!! I am appalled at the price of a tiny 1 oz. jar of this wonderful gold dust. What is going on! I have had to cut back on this necessary and happy ingredient to the point of coping with plain tasteless food.

So instead of doing without, I shopped around and found a few buys that you might like to know about. It will make a happy smile appear on your face again. The “Dollar Store” of course is always good, but now “Walmart” seems to be revamping their stores to be more consumer friendly, price wise, anyway. As I walked down the spice isle shaking my head at the 3 and 4 dollar prices for an oz. of spice, my head drooped in despair. Then I saw tucked way down on the bottom shelf, where it was hard to see, YES, a glimpse of heaven. Spice in big containers for .50 cents. I couldn’t believe my eyes! My first thought was it must be a mistake. So, of course I grabbed all the different kinds to check them out for flavor. I am happy to say they are passably good.

Thank you “5th SEASON” company for making my food bright and tasty again at a reasonable price. It’s a lovely surprise to see the gold dust settling in order to give flavor back to the people again.


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