What Are You Eating For Lunch? Is It ABCD Healthy? (video)

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What Are You Eating For Lunch? Is It ABCD Healthy? (video)

What Are You Eating For Lunch? Is It ABCD Healthy? (video)
By Nurse Kimberly

By now you are aware that My Family Plate™ is on a mission to help families get healthy by providing simple and practical solutions for their everyday lives. One of the most challenging obstacles for families is eating healthy. The reasons why eating healthy is such a barrier for families to overcome are endless. We have spoken with moms, dads, teachers, dieticians, and many other caregivers who shared some of the same complaints when asked why eating healthy is hard for them. This is why we have developed a new way for you and your family to eat – The ABCD Healthy™ way.

In Tip #6 I challenged you and your family to use the My Family Plate ABCD Healthy™ plate technique at each meal. This means you are creating a new habit. Breaking a bad habit and replacing it with a good one takes, time, dedication, and support. Support is something I can help you and your family with. In support of the challenge I have given  to you and your family I am going to offer some suggestions for easy ABCD Healthy Meals™ on a regular basis. The ABCD Healthy Meals will not only be simple but also quick and affordable. Many families are suffering financially and need to be shown how healthy can be affordable. Time is also a synonymous constraint preventing families from eating healthy. That’s why the ABCD Healthy Meals I share with you will be simple and quick to throw together.

The title of this post tells you what ABCD Healthy™ meal you will learn about -lunch. Today I went grocery shopping at Wal-mart. While I was there I did some research on different foods, their prices, their ingredients, and their preparation time.  When I came home I decided to time myself on how long it would take me to make a healthy lunch. In the store I knew that if it took me longer and was more expensive than a Smart Ones Weight Watchers frozen dinner I would be in trouble. If I couldn’t be quicker and cheaper the only benefit of my ABCD Healthy™ meal would be that its more nutritious. Because we live in the real world I have to do better than just that.

My total time was 1 minute and 53 seconds! What did I make that took under two minutes to put together? Here is your answer and first suggestion for a perfectly healthy, quick, and affordable ABCD Healthy lunch.

For lunch this week I am having an Oscar Mayer lean cuts Honey Ham sandwich on a 100% whole wheat sandwich thin. In addition to my sandwich I will be eating crunchy carrot sticks and a pre-packaged serving of fresh apples and grapes.

A- Lean Honey Ham (protein)
B- Crunch Carrot sticks (vegetable)
C- 100% Whole Wheat sandwich thin (whole grain)
D- Apples and Grapes (fruit)

One pound of ham was $4.98 and will last at least a week. The pre-packaged fruit was $2.98 and the bag of fresh carrots was $1.78. The 100% whole wheat sandwich thins were $2.48 for 8 of them. So for the entire week I can have an ABCD Healthy Lunch™ that only costs $12.22. If you ate off of the value meal at McDonalds and got a burger, fry, and drink your bill at a minimum would be $19.25 and probably more. This lunch is perfect for a child to take to school and requires little time for a parent to put together. I am not an expert on the price of school lunches but I have been privileged to what some schools are serving students. If you have seen any of the episodes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution then you know how unhealthy and disgusting some of the food schools serve in their cafeterias really is.

Each week that I make a new ABCD Healthy™ lunch I will share it with you. In return, please share what kind of ABCD Healthy Lunches you and your family come up with. Post them on our  Facebook page so other moms, dads, and caregivers can add more ABCD Healthy™ recipes to their collection.

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