Balance Beam Fun and Simon Says Activity

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Balance Beam Fun and Simon Says Activity

Balance Beam Fun & Simon Says
by Dr. Britt

Balance is the ability to move your body under control.  It is important due to the fact that it is related to concentration skills.  Improving your balance improves your concentration.  With better concentration, you are more likely to pay attention and learn more effectively.

Body Image is knowing where you (or your body) is in space.  Understanding your body and its ability to move is important due to spatial recognition.  Being able to read, write, color and cut are all aspects where it is important to understand where your body is, and where it should be going.

Balance Beam Fun

Students will use balance beams to begin to understand an improve balance skills

Balance beams, Koosh balls and hula hoops    (at least 3 of each)

Activity                              Balance beams

Introduce yourself and the station, explain what will happen at the station, what they will learn and why it is important                                                
5 min

Activity           On the balance beams, have the students walk……

  1. Forward, eyes forward
  2. Backward, eyes forward
  3. Forward, heel to toe, eyes forward
  4. Forward, do a half turn, and then backwards the rest of the way
  5. Forward to a koosch ball ½ way on the balance beam and then pick it up, and then walk to the end.
  6. With a partner, both forwards.
  7. Walk with a partner, one forward and one backwards (then switch next time
  8. Using the hula hoops (less skilled use it to balance, more skilled using it while swinging on their arms.
  9. Have the whole group balance on only 1 balance beam

20 min

Wrap-up         Ask the students what they learned (balance) and why it is important in everyday life.  Talk to them about places where balance is important (like in sports or while riding a bike.                                                                                     
5 min


Simon Says

Students will use the Simon Says game to Show body awareness, following rules and improve upon concentration skills (balance)

No equipment needed

Activity                     Simon Says


Students will be reminded of the rules and be told the way the game will be played.
5 min

Students will start by playing a game of Simon says.  Activities should be based on balance movements.  Stand on one foot, and then stand on the other.  Balance on X body parts.  Etc.    No one is eliminated from the game….ever.

At the end of the game, play a game of blob tag.
20 min

Students will be reminded of how what they did today helped their balance skills.  Then they will be allowed to get a drink and get ready to go. 
5 min

See You Next Time. 🙂

Britton T. Johnson Ph.D.
Department of Health Physical Education and Recreation
Missouri Western State University

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