Achieving Goals – Stay the Course

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Achieving Goals – Stay the Course

Achieving Goals – Stay the Course
by Dr. Randy

Last month I discussed the importance of setting SMART goals in order to obtain your desired outcome.  I also disclosed to you what my goal was – lose 15 pounds in 3 months. Well I am one month in and still on track, how are you doing?  It has not been easy, so many things have come up and have hindered my progress (birthday parties, trips, visitors, grading papers, lack of motivation) and the list could go on. That is where my next two activity guidelines (posted in January) come into play. 

Guideline #2 – One day at a time. 
So we have set our goal and understand what we need to do get there.  Know that things are going to come up that will knock you off your path.  For example, my mother unexpectedly came up to visit over the weekend.  That interrupted my plans to run and workout on Saturday and Sunday.  But instead of completely getting off track by eating out, I convinced my mother to show me how to make her chicken salad and we cooked and ate healthy meals at home. You will have to make adjustments but don’t let one “bad” day lead to another and then snowball into 7 or 8 days. Do what you can for today that will keep you on track. 

Guideline #3 – Plan.
Know I know not everything can be planned and like the situation given above things happen that you cannot anticipate.  But, for the most part you have to plan what you intend to accomplish for that day. It will not just happen – you have to make it happen. Make a weekly list of what you are going to eat and put activity into your schedule. I write mine in my planner, I tell my wife and I post it on my office door. Just like eating, activity needs to become part of your daily routine.  It does not have to be a detailed plan and do not let it be the first thing that gets taken off the list when something else comes up. Prepare what and when you are going to do.  I try to get my activity done in the mornings so that things that “come up” later in the day do not interfere.

I am off to do my run for today. Stay with me on this journey – only 2 months left before we reach our goal and then set another.   


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