Whiten Your Teeth – Naturally.

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Whiten Your Teeth – Naturally.

Whiten Your Teeth – Naturally.
by Angie, R.N.

It seems the whiter your teeth are the more popular you are – well, that is according to advertisements on T.V.  Is this true or are they just saying that so we will buy their products?  I have to admit that when someone smiles at me with bright shiny teeth it is a definite turn on. Unfortunately, as we get older, the simple act of living and eating dulls our once bright teeth. There is also the hidden problem of gum disease which rears it’s ugly head for some people. Gum disease can be a serious problem if it is not caught early enough to stop.
Here is my Grandmoms cure – who by the way, had beautiful teeth up into her 90’s. It’s really no secret at all, if you have been paying attention. It’s Baking soda…oh, yeah! Didn’t you notice that baking soda is in many of those teeth and gum health products.
It’s simple to use, and a lot cheaper this way. Just take a few ounces of baking soda and put it into a small container with a top. Put it on your bathroom sink, and when you are ready to brush your teeth simply dunk your tooth brush into the container so there is some baking soda clinging to the bristles. Then squeeze a little tooth paste on top and brush away.
Don’t forget to brush your tongue, which is where the majority of odor causing bacteria hangout, for that fresh breath taste.  
So it’s true! Baking soda will toughen your gums, whiten your teeth, and freshen your mouth. It is a simple thing to do to keep that smile bright and breath fresh. Try it! 
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