12 Steps to Success – Steps 1 and 2

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12 Steps to Success – Steps 1 and 2

12 Steps to Success (Steps 1 and 2)
By Nurse Kimberly

Over the past few years I have read a lot of books. It’s funny how after college you can really read for pleasure. Anyway, one of the books that I had read a couple of years ago was so inspiring that I decided to read it again. This time I am cheating and have been listening to it as an audio book in the car. It is a great listen on my way to work at the hospital.

This book, along with one other I will share later, has changed my life, outlook, and attitude almost as much as losing weight did. In fact, I think that all of the things I just mentioned must happen simultaneously in order for someone to achieve a healthy weight and a healthy life that is sustainable.

The book highlights certain steps that are necessary for success. These steps can be applied to any type of success or goal you want to achieve in your life. Instead of overloading you with all of the steps at once, I have decided to break them up into short, individual steps. In my opinion this is the same way people should approach lifestyle modification. Make simple steps and changes to get healthy. If you try to change everything at once, or too quickly, you will become burnt out, fed up, and go right back to your unhealthy habits.

Step #1 in achieving the success you want or a goal you have set for yourself is:

You must have a burning desire. If you don’t want it – you are never going to get it no matter how hard you try. You have to want the success or achievement so bad that you can envision what you will look like or feel like once you have it.

Step #2 goes right along with step #1.
Once you have the burning desire and passion to have something you have to HAVE FAITH. You have to believe you can do it or have it….whatever it might be. If are running short on self confidence or self esteem, don’t worry this will help. For example, if you are 220 pounds and want to weigh 140 pounds you have believe you can. Both of these steps need to happen before you will ever successfully reach your goal. Sounds simple but it does require some effort on your part.
If you have a goal you want to accomplish then do this:
First write down on a piece of paper the exact thing you want, by what day you will have it by, and what you are going to do to get it or acheive it by that date. After all, you don’t get something for nothing.

Today is March 29, 2011 and I weigh _________pounds. I will weigh _______by ____________, 2011.
In exchange for reaching_______pounds I am going to:




I know I can do it. I am going to do it. The only person stopping me from doing it is me.

A more simple goal could be:
It is May 30th and I use the ABCD healthy plate method at every lunch and dinner and have lost 12 pounds.

The goal can be anything you want it to be. The point is to belive you are going to acheive it by a certain date with no doubt whatsoever!

It does not have to be in this exact format, but you get the point. Once you have written this out read it two times every day. Read it every morning by yourself OUT LOUD and before you go to bed at night OUT LOUD. This is going to subconsciously give you the confidence you need to have faith and believe in yourself. I know it sounds silly and the first time I read my statement aloud I thought I sounded ridiculous. But the only thing ridiculous is not believing in yourself and not trying to be everything you want to be. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

As I continue to re-listen to one of my favorite books I will share the other steps that helped me change my life. Remember it is never too late to get a healthy body or a healthy mind!



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