Get Back to the Eating (Food) Basics

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Get Back to the Eating (Food) Basics

Get Back to the Eating (Food) Basics
by Nurse Angie, R.N.

Autism, ADD, ADHD, Asthma, Dyslexia, Headaches, Allergies, Sleep disorders, Depression, Violence. Sound familiar?  Almost every family in the United States has these problems or knows someone who does.  What is going on? On T.V. the other day, I heard that autism has reached a staggering high. What has changed in our environment to cause this to happen? Although we don’t know for sure, it may be right in our refrigerators. Our kids are in danger and it’s time to look at our food supply and take a stand.
Read those labels! Don’t buy products with names you can’t pronounce. Artificial flavorings and colorings are made from crude oil (petroleum). Putting it in my gas tank is one thing, but do we really want to eat that? Corn syrup, MSG, sulfiting agents, benzoates, nitrates, Red 40, Blue1, Yellow5 and 6 – look out for these additives! If we stop buying these things, you will be amazed how fast the food industry will change their products. It really is up to us as consumers, to stand tall and stop the madness.
I read an article about Walmart and the fact that they are losing money because people are not buying their products since their prices went up. I mean $1.44 for one green pepper? Come on. Now they have decided to drop the prices on all food items to get the people back into there stores. I say, good for the people. See it does work. Now maybe we can afford to buy healthy food again and follow the wonderful My Family Plate™ way of eating. Be happy!
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