Sunglasses. Are They Necessary?

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Sunglasses. Are They Necessary?

Sunglasses. Are They Necessary?
by Nurse Angie, R.N.

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Their care is of the utmost importance to our health and happiness. Why would I say that? Well, to lose even a small amount of your vision is very traumatic. And, it is a very difficult thing to cope with especially in these times of electronic and highly visual aids. In my mom’s day, if you lost some of your vision, there was the radio to keep you happy and entertained. I still remember being scared to death by the “Squeaking Door” or “The Green Hornet” on radio. Great fun!
The sun, as warm and lovely as it is, can over the years cause great eye damage, especially to people with light colored eyes. If you are over 40, be sure to wear sunglasses all the time when outside. Also have your eye doctor checked for glaucoma (decreased visual acuity with a halo effect around objects), cataracts (cloudy areas over the eye that obscures the vision), and macular degeneration where the retina loses it’s ability to function efficiently and can lead to blindness.
Go to your eye doctor and have a regular yearly check up. It is just as important as your regular dental visit. Wear those sunglasses, and be aware of any changes to your vision. Take care of yourself. You are one of a kind, unique!!!   
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