Fingernails? What Can They Tell You About Your Health?

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Fingernails? What Can They Tell You About Your Health?

Fingernails. A Picture of Health.
by Nurse Angie, R.N.

Have you ever considered how lucky we are to have fingernails?  Without those little bits of  hard keratin at the end of our fingers, there would be only fleshy pads that would make doing some things (like undoing a knot) almost impossible. Not only do they make our lives easier, but they are a guide to our overall picture of health. 
Look at your nails. Are they smooth without ridges or grooves? Are they uniform in color and consistency? Are they free of spots and discoloration? Our nails can indicate early warnings of health problems in which we should be aware. Not only of our own healthy, but those around us as well. Look carefully at your loved one’s nails. Any changes should be mentioned to your doctor – just to be safe.
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Stay on top of your health. Don’t just think “this will go away”. Be aware that your beautiful body is a marvelous organism that will give you clues when it needs help. Stay alert. Be wise, happy and healthy.  
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