Lounge Chairs – Are They Good For Us?

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Lounge Chairs – Are They Good For Us?

Lounge Chairs  Are They Good For Us?
by Angie, R.N.

I love my lounge chair, but is it good for me?  Lounge chairs can rock, swivel, elevate your feet, and even lay you back as though you’re in your own little bed. Heck, what more could you want from a chair?  
Well here’s the problem!
If you spend a lot of time in your chair (I’d say more than 3-4 hours), you are asking for trouble.  When your feet are down the chair tilts slightly up in front and puts pressure on the area behind your knees which cuts off circulation to your feet. Then when your feet are up it puts pressure on your calves and constricts the large veins in your lower legs which can cause blood clots in that area. Also, it’s bad for varicose veins or any lower leg problem you might have. 
If you are a senior citizen, it is not recommended to use those chairs at all!!
It’s important to take regular breaks from sitting. Get up, walk around and stretch those legs. Read more here about Too much sitting is hazardous to your health.  In addition, a much better chair to use would be one that has a separate foot stool that can be adjusted under your ankle for support while your feet are elevated. What a good reason to get yourself a nice new chair!! 
Happy shopping!
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