It Will Not Happen Unless You Actually “Do It”

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It Will Not Happen Unless You Actually “Do It”

It Will Not Happen Unless You Actually “Do It”
by Dr. Randy

So if you started a New Year’s resolution this is the month that it typically gets a little harder to stay on course. I am having the same problem with my goal.  After 2 months of working out and running consistently I have to constantly remind myself of my goal.  It helps that it is getting warmer and I can run outside (although it is harder to run outside than on a treadmill) and get a change of scenery.

So, I am down 9 pounds in 2 months and have 1 more month to get to 15 pounds.  This last guideline is the one
that requires time and effort but is the most rewarding.  You cannot accomplish any of your goals if you don’t abide by this one.

Guideline #4 – Just Do it. Just like Nike’s slogan and Larry The Cable Guy’s saying “Git-R-Done”, all of the other guidelines don’t mean a thing if you don’t accomplish this one. You have to put in the work to get the rewards. There is no Magic Pill that will do this for you; you have to put the effort in to get out what you wish.

I encourage you to make the most of the day you are given to be active and healthy.

Randy Bergman, PhD

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