ACLS Classes | St. Louis, MO

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ACLS Classes | St. Louis, MO

Finding an ACLS Class in St. Louis and Getting ACLS Recertified.

Every two years healthcare providers such as dentists, doctors and nurses have to get certified by the American Heart Association (AHA) in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Although most employors require that the health care provider become ACLS certified by the American Heart Association, many online companies are offering their own version of ACLS certification. This can be very costly to an individual who pays for an online class but then finds out that their employor doesn’t accept non AHA approved classes.

The American Heart Association does not approve any online class as a sole means to become ACLS certified. There is always at least a minimum of an in-person skills assessment. Unfortunately, the companies who offer the non-approved AHA ACLS and BLS online courses do not make this obvious. Often you have to read the fine print in the Terms and Conditions.

Many professionals believe it is essential to get the live ACLS classroom training, because it is hard to simulate crucial techniques over a computer without hands on skills testing.

Many St. Louis (Missouri) hospitals offer AHA ACLS Classes in St. Louis, however the scheduling is often limited.

There is a company, St. Louis ACLS Recertification Center, that not only offers scheduled classroom courses, but will also come to your home or office for ACLS recertification.

*Contact them for ACLS Classes at 314.662.3670 or visit

St. Louis ACLS Recertification Center understands how important it is that healthcare providers, in all specialties, receive proper and effective training at ACLS classes and BLS classes. Convenience and invaluable hands-on training are two things that St. Louis ACLS Recertification Center’s AHA instructors offer during ACLS classes and BLS classes in St.Louis and surrounding areas.

Their instructors know that teamwork and proper communication are two factors that can sometimes determine life or death. When a patient’s condition begins to deteriorate in the clinical setting, healthcare providers need to work together to prevent the condition from worsening. Inevitably, despite all efforts, patients can become victim to respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest. This is when true team dynamics can decide how effective the resuscitation efforts of advanced cardiac life support will be. Because of this, their ACLS recertification classes and BLS recertification classes offer lively practice drills to build confidence and prepare students with the skills needed to be a strong ACLS and BLS providers when the time comes.

When trying to resuscitate a patient there are many tasks that must be carried out. Everyone involved in the resuscitation efforts of the ACLS secondary survey should be assigned a role. The team leader orchestrates everything and assigns roles to the other team members. Team leaders are responsible for their job and knowing the tasks and roles of other team members are being delegated and completed in a timely matter. If too many tasks are assigned to a single team member unaffordable mistakes can be made. The more healthcare providers working together as a team executing tasks increases the chance of a successful resuscitation.

Teamwork is key when providing ACLS. During our ACLS recertification classes students can practice the different roles in a stress free environments that promotes learning and retention of skills.

Clear communication and knowledge sharing between the team leader and all team members are other key factors to focus on during ACLS and BLS classes. When the team leader gives a task to one of the team members it should be loud and clearly stated. The team member assigned the task should then repeat back the requested task for clarification and then notify the team leader out loud when the task has been completed. This will allow the team leader to keep track of what has been done, assign another task to that team member, and help everyone be informed of all tasks being carried out.

We are all human and can make mistakes. By delegating and sharing out loud mistakes can be caught by other team members before they happen. Communicating out loud can also contribute to the discovery of things the team may have missed or ideas for causes of the patient’s current condition.

Practicing, observing, and actively participating during the ACLS recertification classes in St.Louis will help these skills mature.

Teamwork, communication, sharing knowledge, and knowing all of the different team roles, along with honing the skills of each role, is crucial in the clinical setting. Stable can become critical in the blink of an eye. It is the responsibility of all healthcare workers to convey their skill level and competence when providing ACLS.

Doing this will deliver a strong team performance during resuscitation efforts. For example, if you do not feel comfortable with manning the crash cart in a code, speak up. Later, ask someone from the pharmacy or a co-worker to go over the crash cart with you. Learning the pharmacology of ACLS and how the medication is organized on the crash care needs hands on practice.

This is why taking a hands-on AHA ACLS class in St.Louis is more effective than an online ACLS recertification class. There are some skills that cannot properly develop or effectively be reviewed in front of a computer. Practicing proper communication and teamwork out loud and in the moment during a group ACLS mach mega code is the best way to develop the skills necessary if you are responsible for being an ACLS provider.

If you need an ACLS class in St. Louis or need ACLS certification, contact St.Louis ACLS Recertification Center today to register for a scheduled ACLS recertification classes in St.Louis or schedule a private ACLS class where they come to you!

Visit online at or call us at 314.662.3670.


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