Fun Summer Activities For Kids By Dr.Britt

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Fun Summer Activities For Kids By Dr.Britt

These activities are not only fun for young children, but can also be fun for adults. There are many ways to play with both balloons and hula hoops, including using different positions for the hula hoops (such as waist, arm and legs) and playing catch or trying to keep balloons in the air. Balloon bags are simply clear trash bags that are sealed that contain many different color balloons inside. This helps stimulate the eyes, but also keeps broken balloons inside the trash bag. These activities will increase hand-eye coordination as well as general coordination skills.

Activity 1 Balloons:
Objective: Students will use balloons as a way to improve upon control and balance.
Materials: Balloons and clear garbage bags
Activity: Balloons

Show the students the appropriate ways to play with the balloons and the balloon bags.
Activity: Students will play with balloons and balloon bags and have various activities with them.

Keep balloon in air
Pass the balloon
Hit balloon with hands

Wrap-up: Discuss ways to play with the balloons that are safe and fun.

Activity 2: Hula Hoops
Objectives: Students will use hula-hoops to begin to learn about and improve their general coordination skills
Materials: Hula Hoops. Some large, some normal, some small.

Activity: Hula Hoops
Students will be given the hula-hoops to play with. They should try to use them on their waist, arms, legs, and also to try rolling them and running in and out of them. All activities should be tried by everyone. Get the whole group to run through the hula-hoop at once. Students should also use the hula-hoops as something to jump in, balance on or run around.
20 minutes

Remind the students of the importance of general coordination. Allow them time to come up with other forms of games for general coordination.
5 minutes



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