Olive Oil – Does it Spoil?

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Olive Oil – Does it Spoil?

Olive Oil – Does It Spoil?
by Angie, R.N.

The other day I went out to eat at a friends house, and they made the most wonderful sausage sandwich’s for our dinner! To start out the meal a small saucer of beautiful olive oil was set out with small pieces of a great bread to dunk in the oil. Well, imagine my surprise and  my friends, when I had to spit out the bread which was coated with the olive oil! It tasted like mold and was bitter. It was a very embarrassing situation, but there was no way I could swallow that bitter greasy oil.

I feel that people should be told and warned about rancid oils. Unhappily, a lot of the cheaper oils you buy in the store are rancid, that’s why they’re for sale cheap! As far as I know rancid oil won’t hurt you but it taste like oily dirt. A lot of people become so used to the flavor that they can no longer tell what’s good or bad.

Olive oil must be stored away from heat, sunlight and oxygen (keep the bottle tightly closed). The California Olive Oil Council, oversees the domestic standard for olive oil and certifies that the products are chemical free. If chemicals are used in the production of the oil the taste will be affected and the spoilage factor is increased by speeding up it’s deterioration.

Organic olive oil, which is chemical and pesticide free, or cold pressed olive oil are the best ways to avoid rancidity. Some things are worth spending a few extra dollars for. Happy eating!

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