CPR for Nursing Students

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Nursing Students Need CPR Class

All nursing students need CPR for healthcare providers before they can begin their clinical experience. CPR for nursing students and all healthcare professionals is known as Basic Life Support (BLS) or sometimes BCLS. The best way to get certified is to find a hands-on BLS class that is American Heart Association (AHA) certified. There are online BLS courses but most are not AHA certified. The one online BLS class that is AHA certified still requires that you pass an in-person skills test. There is no way to get an AHA provider card entirely online.

The Basic Life Support course covers CPR for adults, CPR for children and CPR for infants with both one and two rescuers. You will practice chest compressions and opening of the airway.  You will also use an AED machine for defibrillation. You will learn about advanced airways and practice using bag-mask techniques. You must pass hands-on skills tests as well as a 25 questions written exam.

For CPR in the St. Louis area, you can register for a 1st Time BLS (cpr for nursing students) class by going to or calling 314.662.3670.


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