In a Rut, Fight the Boring Workout

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In a Rut, Fight the Boring Workout

Experiencing boredom while exercising is a common situation encountered by almost everyone who maintains a level of physical activity.  It may be a sign that your current workout program is in need of a changed. To fight the boring workout the first thing that needs to be done is to evaluate what exactly it is about your program  that you find to be boring (running on the treadmill). Once you know what you is keeping you in the rut you can make the necessary changes.  The changes don’t have to be major, start with some small changes.  Try adding some variety (yes, even on a treadmill you can add variety).  Add / change the music you listen to, change the TV station, walk backwards, make it a competition between you and the distance you go in a certain amount of time or add interval training.  Interval training is changing the intensities (in this case speed of the treadmill) for different time spans.  An example would be walk at 2.5 mph for 3 minutes, run at 6.0 mph for 1 minute, walk at 3.0 for 5 minutes, run at 7.0 mph for 1 minute, jog at 4.0 for 3 minutes, etc.  Depending on your current fitness level and duration intended.  You may choose to alter your “terrain” by adjusting the incline on the treadmill every few minutes while maintaining a consistent speed (or if weather permits, take your workout outdoors).

If the making the above mentioned changes do not completely work why not try a completely different form of physical activity. That could be getting on a different piece of cardio equipment, taking a group fitness class, joining the local runners’ club or joining a recreational sports team. As I have mentioned before running is not my favorite activity, so as many days per week I can I play pick-up games of full court basketball.  By replacing your normal activities with other activities a few days a week, can have many benefits. It is very important to make sure your program is well-rounded and includes elements of cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and flexibility training.

Additionally, if technology is an interest of yours, look into including some the new exercise gadgets that are available.  You can use heart rate monitors, pedometers, iPods, iPhone or computer programs. These tools may help to provide the added motivation you seeking.

Make the most of the day you are given.

Randy Bergman, PhD

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