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If you are a St. Louis health care provider you are required to have cpr certification by the American Heart Association (AHAA) in Basic Life Support or BLS. Sometimes this is also known as BCLS. This includes nurses and doctors, but also dentists and dental hygienists. Anyone who is in patient contact must be aha cpr certified. In addition, firefighters and paramedics must also be cpr certified every two years.

Often is is difficult to find a hands-on CPR class in the St. Louis area that is American Heart Association approved. Although certain colleges in the area offer classes, it is not uncommon for nursing students that need bls cpr certification find it difficult to find a class that fits their schedule. ACLS-BLS St. Louis recertification center recently moved to a new location. They offer classes on a regular basis that makes it easy for anyone who needs certification to schedule a course. They have a hands-on, stress free approach to cpr (bls and acls classes).

If you need cpr in St. Louis, you can go to their website at or call them at 314.600-2075

Register for a class now.

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  1. […] These certification are required every two years by nurses (nursing students), doctors, and dentists. In addition firefighters, emts, and paramedics are also required to have AHA cpr certification in the St. Louis area. […]

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