What is Rosacea by Tracy Rosner

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What is Rosacea by Tracy Rosner

Skin is an important organ of the human body that needs to be examined carefully. The largest organ of the body may be affected by various harms such as; sunburn, skin cancer, acne, disorders, and more.

A common disorder known as rosacea, mainly affects the skin of the face leaving reddish, acne-like bumps. It is mostly located on the nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead. Furthermore, it is sometimes seen on the chest, back, or neck. Around 14 million Americans have this common disorder, but many of them are not aware of its existence. Various women are more than likely to have rosacea than men, however, men tend to have more sever symptoms. Also, people with fair skin have a higher risk of the disorder as well.

Rosacea’s cause is unknown, but there have been a few theories discussed. It has been said that a generalized disorder of the blood vessels could be a fundamental of the disorder. Alternative theories propose the idea of rosacea is effected by microscopic skin mites, fungus, psychological factors, or the connective tissue under the skin with malfunction. Rosacea does not have a cure, although, medical therapy is accessible to reverse the signs and symptoms. Flushing of the skin, persistent redness, bumps and pimples, visible blood vessels, eye irritation, burning or stinging, dry appearance, and swelling are all symptoms of rosacea.

It may be overwhelming because there has been no cure for this disorder, but some useful preventions have been found. Avoiding sun/wind exposure, emotional stress, hot/cold weather, heavy exercise, alcohol consumptions, and hot beverages decrease the flaring symptoms of rosacea.


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