Basics of Osteoporosis by Melinda Mayes

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Basics of Osteoporosis by Melinda Mayes

Osteoporosis is one of the most common bone diseases. This disease is a condition in which the bone loses its density and thins over an extended period of time causing the bones to be very brittle and break easily. One cause of this disease is a lack of calcium and a vitamin D in the diet. Both calcium and vitamin D are necessary for good bone health. A lack of these nutrients in one’s diet causes the body to break down the bones to obtain them, and then bone regrowth does not keep up with the bones breaking down.

More common in women than men, women over the age of 50 are more at risk, 1 in 5, due to a decrease in estrogen levels during menopause and also to the fact that their bones are thinner than men’s in the first place. However, older men, usually over the age of 70, are still affected because of a drop in testosterone levels.

Other causes of this disease include a poor diet and lack of exercise. Because this disease occurs over an extended period of time, early detection of this disease is rare. By the time a fracture or break in the bones has occurred the disease has progressed into the later stages. The most common breaks occur in the hips and fractures in the wrist. However, this disease can be detected by obtaining a medical exam and having your bone density tested along with other laboratory tests. Hormone treatments are available for both men and women with this disease. By living a healthy lifestyle this disease can be prevented.

Doctors recommend regular exercise, healthy eating, and making sure calcium and vitamin D are a part of your diet.




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