Holiday Help by Dr. Randy

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Holiday Help by Dr. Randy

I wanted to provide different tips that I have been told by different people, read from different sources and in some cases even used over the years for reducing stress while maintaining healthier behaviors during the Holiday Season.  It is my opinion these are simple behaviors that can be done with just a little bit of motivation. None of them are based on any new ground breaking research but rather just simple reminders that you might have heard before or a new suggestion.  Maybe you can try one this year and then add another one next year.  See what works for you, hopefully it will reduce the anxiety that can come with the season and keep you on track for reaching your health goals.

  • Don’t be unrealistic – if you normally exercise for an hour; aim to exercise 30 minutes instead. With all of the other things going on with the Holidays at least you’ll be sure to get at 30 minutes without feeling that you did not do anything.  Additionally, enjoy the imperfections of the Holidays. There is no perfect family, party or decoration.  Celebrating with family and friends is the perfect imperfection.
  • Slippery slopes – know what food that once you start you cannot stop and know the triggers for that food.  For me it is chocolate covered peanuts and pretzels.   To address this, don’t take the bag with you, pour a small portion out and WALK AWAY. That way you might not feel completely deprived.  Make sure you stop, this can be really difficult, I know!!!!!
  • Find a family member or friend – they can help with motivation plus walking and talking is a great way to reduce stress and maybe burn a few extra calories.
  • Party / gathering at your house? – make healthy changes to the recipes and be creative.  Also, tell everyone before, during and after to take the leftovers!!
  • Have a high calorie meal – just plan it and eat healthy the rest of the time but don’t turn it into a high calorie day or weekend again that is the difficulty and the need for motivation and support.  Have the meal be on the day of celebration.
  • Start a new active tradition – instead of indoor party try an outdoor activity like snowshoeing, ice skating, sledding, building a snowman, bike ride or just a family walk to look that the neighborhood lights.
  • Don’t save up – starving yourself all day before the “main event” is not worth it, really you cannot eat more, you might get lightheaded from low blood sugar and the binge will only make you feel worse, self-control is key.  If you know that you don’t have any self-control that is a start put someone else in charge for the night.
  • Laugh – this is a great tension reliever, it burns calories, reduces stress and shows that you are having a good time with family and friends.

Make the most of the day you are given.

Happy Holidays!!!


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