Do the Work Yourself by Dr. Randy

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Do the Work Yourself by Dr. Randy

During the last few months I have really started to take notice around my neighborhood and in the city that I live that a lot of people are taking the easy way out of doing what used to be manual labor.  It all started this past autumn when the leaves began to fall from the trees.  As I would walk my dogs through the neighborhood all I heard was leaf blowers.  I am not referring to the small electric power leaf blowers but the gas-powered, backpack style blowers.  I remember only counting about 5 people the entire fall season actually using rakes to move their leaves.  It is the same with blowing the grass of their driveways and sidewalks after mowing the yard, I cannot remember the last time I saw a person use a broom to do that chore.

Just this past weekend I put up some fencing in my backyard, nothing fancy just mesh fencing held up by T-post.  I needed to rent a manual post driver to drive the T-post about two feet into the ground.  I called 8 rental places to get this manual driver.  No luck, they all had pole drivers with air compressors that they were willing to rent me.  I ended up having to buy a manual post driver so that I could do the work myself.

So what is this whole post about?  There are a lot of ways to burn calories without having to exercise.  They will require a little more work but walking those extra steps from your car to the entrance to the grocery store or mall and taking the stairs instead of the elevator will pay dividends.  You might not see it in the short-term but you will in the long-term and you are being role model to those around you.  So, I ask you to go back to the “old ages” and do some of the work yourself.  You will appreciate the finished product so much more.

Make the most of the day you are given.



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