Things Change by Dr. Randy

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Things Change by Dr. Randy

This past year I have had to come to a very difficult realization, I am getting older.  That fact is now well established in my brain due to many examples of me trying to do things that I cannot do as well as I use to anymore.  An example of this, I really enjoy playing basketball and I play a regular basis.  Over the last 3 years I have noticed that I am becoming one of the older, if not the oldest, individual who shows up to play.  The other day I was dribbling the ball down the court and saw that only one person was between me and the basket.  In the past this would have made for an easy lay-up, I would have dribbled past the individual with no problem.  Now, that is not the case, I tried but I failed to get around the defensive player and had to pass to a teammate.  Similar situations have happened to me over the years both on and off the basketball court that reflect this same phenomenon, with age things change.

With all of that being said, because of these changes I have had to make the decision to change myself, to “keep up with the times” (while I still refuse to join Facebook or own a “smart phone”).  This has not been easy, especially with my workouts.  I have often thought of myself as a weightlifter that does cardio on the side (mostly basketball).  Now, I have to change my mind-set to a runner who does weightlifting on the side.  I am still working on this transition and it is going slowly.  Not only has the mind-set had to change, my supplemental workouts have had to change as well.  I am doing a lot more functional training and full body movements; these movements include deadlifts (one and two legs), squat to press, chin-ups and rotational pull to push. Not taking as long in the gym so that I can spend more time running, on the elliptical or biking is a big change and I am not always successful but I am trying.

My overall point it this, have an honest conversation with yourself; are you doing what is the best for you at this time?  If so, then continue.  If not, make a change.  You might not be successful every time, I know I am not, but change takes time and repetition.  Stay with it and don’t ever stop changing.

Make the most of the day you are given.




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