Chronically Hungry byTarik Kavazovic

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Chronically Hungry byTarik Kavazovic

Have you ever heard of a disease that makes you hungry all the time? Well I haven’t, that is until I read about Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). I couldn’t believe it. This disease is definitely out of this world.

PWS is a genetic disorder that happens to about one in 30,000 births. Caused by an abnormality in the 15th chromosome, PWS causes newborns to have hypotonia, or muscle weakness, and pretty much takes away their ability to move. This causes such problems as not being able to breastfeed and being malnutritioned. But this is just a start to the the problems. Once children with PWS hit the age of two, they begin to thrive “too well”. Here, they start to experience hyperphagia, or chronic hunger. It is reported that children with PWS, on average, eat three times more than kids their age without the disease. Imagine eating and never being satisfied until you actually start feeling pain. It would  be hell. However, despite their obesity, PWS patients tend to have pretty low rates of diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia (too much fat in the blood), and high blood pressure. Obesity is just one of the symptoms of PWS.

The kids also have growth hormone deficiency. This can lead to so many different problems, it would take me days just to list them all. Growth hormone is responsible for a variety of things, but as you can imagine, it is the hormone that makes you grow. It helps you build muscle and bone mass. That is the reason that average adult males with PWS are five foot four inches tall while women are four foot eleven inches. Growth hormone deficiency also leads to osteoporosis.  Doctors best try to counter this by regulating their diet with large amounts of calcium and vitamin D along with weight bearing exercise. Doctors also use growth hormone deficiency treatment for children which can greatly improve their strength, height, agility and bone density. The same treatment given to adults only improves their body mass and bone density.

Another symptom is hypogonadism. This means that the hormone that is supposed to trigger the creation of sex hormones in males and females is inhibited. In other words, the children cannot enter puberty without being artificially stimulated.There have only been three cases of children being born to people with PWS and no cases of the men having any children. Boys are pumped with testosterone while girls are pumped with estrogen to help them enter puberty.

Treatment for PWS is really complicated mainly because of their social immaturity and angry food seeking behaviors. Doctors have tried a variety of surgeries but all of them have failed at keeping the patients weight permanently down. Most doctors agree that the best treatment for PWS is strict environmental control. PWS patients need specialized care and supervision all of their lives. Prader-Willi Syndrome is a horrible disease that affects many people world wide.



Watch an eye opening documentary about Joe the ladies man who has PWS HERE>><<



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