Your Heart – Terms You Need to Know by Dr. Randy

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Your Heart – Terms You Need to Know by Dr. Randy

There are many different terms that an individual will hear that pertain to the heart and different conditions.  So I will attempt to define some of the most common terms in very simple ways.    

Risk factors – something that will increase the chance of getting something else

Lifestyle risk factors – physical activity, proper nutrition, body weight control, not using tobacco – to name a few

Physical activity – bodily movement that results in energy being expended

Exercise – planned and intentional physical activity

Proper nutrition – appropriate and moderate intake of all nutrients

Blood pressure – measure of force that the blood is pushing against walls of vessels

Hypertension – medical term for constantly high blood pressure

Total cholesterol – all “fats” in the blood

Hypercholesterolemia – medical term for high cholesterol

HDL cholesterol – good

LDL cholesterol – bad

Myocardial infarction – medical term for heart attack

Plaque – sticky deposits in the blood vessels, narrow vessels, slow / stop blood flow; mostly cholesterol build-up

Arteriosclerosis – blood vessels get thicker and harder

Arteries – carry blood away from heart

Veins – carry blood to heart

Coronary arteries – supply oxygen to heart

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) – any disease of heart and/or blood vessels

Heart disease – any disease of the heart

Coronary heart disease (CHD) – narrowing of blood vessels in the heart; leading cause of death

Angioplasty – procedure used to open blocked arteries; tiny balloon inserted and blown up to push build-up to the side

Stent – small wire mesh tube; used to hold blood vessel open and decrease chance of narrowing again

There are other terms that are associated with the heart and conditions of the heart but, in my opinion these are some of the most common. Also, I did not use the dictionary definition for all of these words so they might be defined in a different way than you might have seen or heard.  That was done on purpose too hopefully create better understanding, not more confusion.     

Make the most of the day you are given. 



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