No Shave November by Dr. Randy

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No Shave November by Dr. Randy

Ok, so I do not know if any of you are aware of this movement called “No Shave November”.  It was something I heard about 3 years ago from some of my students that I just thought was an excuse for being lazy and not wanting to shave, come to find out I was only partially correct.  I was informed a few weeks ago that the meaning for this effort it to continue to build awareness about cancer (specifically prostate and colorectal cancer from what I understand).  Also, after doing some research this has become an international crusade. Because I believe that laziness is the major reason to participate for many and that most of the No Shave participants are unaware of the greater message being promoted, I thought I would try and make the true meaning of this effort more known. 

The concept is simple, a unique way to increase cancer awareness and possibly some money for the American Cancer Society along the way. Since many cancer patients lose their hair why not let your hair grow crazy and wild for a month and donate the money usually spent on grooming and primping to aid in the battle against cancer.  Additionally, when ask why you have not shaved your face, legs or underarms, cut your hair or waxed your upper lip and eyebrows proudly inform those who question your appearance by telling them the true meaning behind No Shave November.  For more information see the No Shave November website:

Make the most of the day you are given. 



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