Change is Hard by Dr. Randy

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Change is Hard by Dr. Randy

Fitness and physical activity sometimes take a back seat during the holiday season. The end of October through the middle of February (think Halloween to Valentine’s Day) are difficult times to manage your nutritional intake as well as the amount of physical activity / exercise you might be accomplishing.  You might have bags of candy around the house and to eat a lot of food that would not be considered the healthiest for you because it is tradition and you want to maintain the holiday spirit or family traditions.  Additionally, depending on where you live, the weather has gotten cold and going outside for some physical activity just does not happen.

I encourage you to look at these situations / traditions and see which ones could be modified to make a healthier environment. I do not recommend you change everything all at once but maybe next Halloween you start by having little pretzel treat bags (yes, they have those) to hand-out and have around the house instead of bags of candy.  Maybe for Valentine’s Day you have an agreement with your Valentine that you don’t get each other candy and you start a new tradition.  The following year you might look at small changes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day while maintain the other changes.  A lot of our behaviors are due to the environment in which we set up around us.  Make changes to the environment that you control and have some self-discipline when you walk into those with the candy everywhere.

Change is just flat hard, especially when goes against all of the advertised and marketed holiday traditions. Take the small steps; we did this year by handing out the pretzel bags at Halloween (that is how I know they exist) and not getting candy for Valentine’s Day.  We are working on what we will do for Christmas, as of yesterday we already ate all of the candy placed in the candy holders around the house so I know we are putting up the holders for the rest of the season. Next year I do not anticipant even getting the holders out, see small changes.

Happy Holidays!

Make the most of the day you are given.


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