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ACLS Class Nashville | 615-397-9316 | Register Now

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If you are a healthcare provider such as a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, etc. it is required that you have a Basic Life Support (BLS) certification. This is also known as CPR for healthcare providers or very often simply BCLS. These courses must be American Heart Association (AHA) approved. There are options to complete a portion of this class online, but either way an in-person, live skills check must be performed by a certified AHA instructor. And there is even a trend for many employees and school programs to require the whole certification hands-on and in-person. The sentiment being that it is impossible to mimic real chest compression and rescue breathing online. So BLS is a 2 year certification for all healthcare providers and medical professionals that have patient contact.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), however, is a course that prepares emergency medical professionals for more critical events. When you are watching TV and you see them call a code in a hospital setting and a team of people rush in and start giving medications and shocking the patient, this is what is taught in an ACLS class. So obviously the first item on the agenda to teach are the drugs that must be given during a code. The AHA has developed algorithms, based on the most current research on this topic, that help determine which drug is given under certain circumstances. So the ACLS certified medical professional would take into considerations such data such as ECG rhythm and breathing in determining which drug to give. So this class does focus on emergency pharmacology. And of course, the ability to read and interpret abnormal ECG rhythms is essential as well.

After spending hours reviewing and studying all different possible scenarios that would warrant such intervention, the class ends with a Megacode. An ACLS Megacode is a simulation of numerous scenarios that the student must evaluate and make the correct calls of drug administration and shock based the most current AHA ACLS algorithms. It can be a very stressful situation depending on the philosophy of the training center. Some training centers believe that yelling and stress is the only real way to mimic a code, while other training philosophies revolve around stress-free training in a relaxed classroom environment. For example, CPR Nashville has a belief that the highest learning occurs under a more relaxed classroom setting.

If you are paramedic, critical care nurse, surgeon or any other healthcare provider or emergency medical technician you will need to be ACLS certified by a Nashville American Heart Association training center. 




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