CPR Certification in Louisville | Register Now | 502-804-6132

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CPR Certification in Louisville | Register Now | 502-804-6132

Register Here for CPR Certification in Louisville, KY.


If you need a Basic Life Support (BLS) class, also known as CPR for healthcare providers, then use CPR Louisville. They are an American Heart Association training site that offers not only BLS, but also ACLS and PALS.

In a basic CPR class you will learn how to give a proper chest compression on infants, children and adults. You will also be taught rescue breathing, how to use an AED in an emergency situation, as well as choking intervention. This training is required for all healthcare professionals and medical emergency techs in order to be able to work.Nursing students

After the CPR training, you will be awarded a 2 year provider card from the AHA. It will be your responsibility to renew this card every two years so you can keep it current. One of the nice things about CPR Louisville is that they will send you a reminder notice before you expire. This will help insure that you will also keep an up to date certification.

You may also be interested in taking an Advanced Cardiac Life Support or Pediatric Advanced Life Support course. These are more advanced and are specialized for individuals who have jobs dealing with emergency situations on a regular basis such as paramedics, surgeons, and anesthesiologists. These courses require much more advanced algorithms that include drug administration.

If you going into a school program for any medically related or healthcare professional degree such as nursing, dental, or medical school, you at the very minimum be required by your program to get a Basic Life Support card.

Hope this article helps. And remember you can easily sign up for a course to get CPR Certified in Louisville.

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